Best Rated Home Based Business – 3 Great Ideas

Have you dreamed of having your own home business but found yourself wondering what are the best rated home based businesses? You are joining thousands of like minded individuals who are pursuing this exciting entrepreneurial path.Many people desire to have a home business so they can spend more time with their families, be their own boss, and have control over the hours they work. These are excellent motivators for having a home based business.Today, with the incredible amount of information available on the internet, researching online would be one of the best ways to find the home business that best suits you. You can also check your local newspaper and kiosks for potential ideas.In my opinion, below are three of the best rated home based businesses:TutorIf you have a specific skill or degree in some area you may want to try tutoring as your home business. You don’t need to be an absolute master in an area to be a tutor. For example, if you are comfortable with math, reading and writing, you could tutor some children needing help in these areas. Not only would the child or teenager benefit from your help, but their parents will feel so much better knowing their child is getting some help. A little patience may be required, but you will find that the reward from helping others will make it worthwhile.Online FreeLancingIf you enjoy writing, or are skilled in graphic design, data entry or computer programming, you might try freelance work at sites like Elance. Many companies and individuals outsource to people with a specific skill to perform these short or long term jobs. The process is typically that a company will define the work needed to be performed and then you bid on the job. As you complete more jobs and your reputation gets better, you can raise your bid amount since more companies will be interested in your work.Sales from Home or OnlineThis is a broad category and could include such things as selling crafts, jewelry, purses, etc. from home or an online store, as well as MLM or Network Marketing. If you are creative and can make items others might like to have, then an online store might be right for you provided you market your website effectively.Speaking of marketing, there are many Network Marketing opportunities available that do not require a specific skill to start your business. You will want to research each company to make sure they offer a solid product, provide training and is not considered a scam.Of the three best rated home based businesses listed above, Network Marketing may be the easiest to implement as the startup costs can be minimal, the income potential is high and you do not need to try and sell to family and friends.

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